-About Us-

Hirate Way

The “hirate way” is our guiding light based on our mission statement.

Hirate Way Core Values

Guidelines for Customer Satisfaction

・Provide services with customers’ perspective to fulfill their demands and accomplish the mission.
・Strive to improve our technical and human skills to go above and beyond the customers’ expectations.
・Build and maintain enduring relationships of trust with customers.

4 Essentials for the CS guidelines

・Technical capability
・Human quality
・Organizational capability

Code of Business Conduct
・Have pride in all of what we find, consider, and act.
・Explore and develop new technologies continuously.
・Focus on security, safety, and environment in design.
・Provide value added solutions beyond expectations.
・Endeavor to sustain quality improvement and profitable growth.
・Respect for individuality and cultivate our teamwork skills.
・Express gratitude and behave with dignity.
・Contribute to the future through our design expertise.