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Corporate History

1967 Hirate Giken Co., Ltd. is established in Inuyama City, Aichi.
1988 Hirate Giken Co., Ltd. is renamed Hirate Technical Corporation and reorganized into a joint-stock company.
1989 New Hirate Technical Corporation building is built.
1989 Shimizu office opens.
1996 A licensed first-class architect office is launched in Shimizu office.
1997 An energy consulting firm is launched in Shimizu office.
2001 Nagoya office opens.
2003 Tokyo office opens.
2006 Fukuoka office opens.
2008 The head office moves from Inuyama to Nagoya.
2010 Toyota office opens.
2012 Hamamatsu office opens.
2014 Shimizu office moves from Shimizu to Shizuoka and is renamed Shizuoka office.
2016 New Inuyama office building is built in another location and opens.
2017 Hirate Technical Corporation celebrates its 50th anniversary.
2020 Shiga office opens.
2020 Fukuoka office relocation.
2021 Toyota office relocation.
2021 Ise office opens.
2021 Tokyo office relocation.