Energy Consulting

Hirate Technical Corporation supports all of your frontline efforts to preserve the global environment.

Energy for the Future

The outbreak of the unprecedented Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 exploded the myth that you can use energy safely and anytime.
We all need to save energy and moreover make a change towards renewable sources for our energy production.
Hirate Technical Corporation launched an energy consulting service in 1997. Since then, in a rapidly changing world, our energy and natural resources experts have been providing customer-oriented and location-specific services in the environmental field.
Energy saving, energy exploitation, and environment preservation are challenges for all of us living on the Earth. We have been providing our expertise towards developing energy strategies for municipalities and companies.
We will provide services for green and clean energy as key pillars for the future growth of society around the world.
Through our experiences and trusted engineering expertise, we will continue making contributions to a safe and sustainable society.

Energy Consulting


・Energy consulting
・Research and development

Areas of Expertise

Energy Consulting

Our team comprises of highly experienced professionals specializing in renewable energy. We provide consulting services for eco-friendly energy and circular economy.
・Energy and community master planning
・Energy action planning
・Global warming countermeasure action planning
・Renewable energy implementation
・Energy efficient refurbishment

Research and Development

Intellectual property at universities in the energy and environmental fields for new products and technologies are being exploited by collaborating with them on research and development and moreover facilitating industry-university collaboration.
・Performance evaluation of new products for renewable energy.
・Coordination for research and development of new products and technologies


・Action Plan for Global Warming Countermeasure (Fukuroi City)
・Renewable Energy Resources Survey (Hamamatsu City)

・Action Plan for Global Warming Countermeasure (Hamamatsu City)
・Exploitation of Renewable Based Distributed Generation System (Shizuoka Pref.)

・Demonstrating a Low Carbon Society (Kakegawa City)
・Action Plan for Global Warming Countermeasure (Kakegawa City)
・Energy Resources Survey (Shizuoka City)
・Hamamatsu City Energy Vision (Hamamatsu City)

・Promotion of Solar Power Plants (Kakegawa City)
・Community Planning of Exploiting Woody Biomass (NPO Shizuoka Pref. New Energy Organization)
・Exploitation of Renewable Based Distributed Generation System (Fuji City)

・Renewable Based Energy Generation System Fund Project (Kakegawa City)
・Biomass Feasibility Study (Fuji City)

・Feasibility Study on a Smart City through Collaboration with a Local Railway Company (NEPC)
・Feasibility Study on Community Energy Management System (Fuji City)
・Community Planning of Exploiting Biomass (Kakegawa City)
・Kakegawa City Basic Environment Plan (Kakegawa City)
・Woody Biomass Feasibility Study (Tottori City)

・Feasibility Study on a Smart City Exploiting Local Resources for Existing Community Infrastructure (NEPC)
・Master Plan for Renewable Based Distributed Generation System (Bungo-Ono City)